The Importance Of A Company Having An Employee Loyalty Program

Loyalty offers great benefits to employees and makes them feel like part of the company, thus avoiding a high rate of job turnover …

Over the years, loyalty has become important in our country . Coupons or discounts are all the rage. This is something that brands can offer their customers with loyalty programs . For these reasons, brands that previously did not have this initiative are already beginning to implement it and see the benefits it is bringing them.

Another reason why brands are interested in launching their loyalty club is because competition in supermarkets is increasingly higher and, therefore, differentiation is necessary. What will make a client make one decision or another will be the benefits that this type of program can offer.

Working with Ibex 35 companies , Yudonpay saw the opportunity to tailor a service for them, Yudonpay Business . The benefit is clear, improving the company-employee relationship and simplifying the many tools that companies use to communicate with their employees (mobile application, email, intranet, etc.).

Taking advantage of the fact that the mobile phone has become an essential tool in any person’s day-to-day life, Yudonpay allows the company to bring the company closer to its employee .

Thus, the first card that the worker will see when logging into Yudonpay will be that of his company. Through this you can access the buildings, the parking lot, receive day-to-day communications and enjoy the benefits of belonging to the company.

Therefore, the advantages that Yudonpay Business can provide are:

  • Serve you as a 24/7 communication channel, since you can send them information that is considered relevant.
  • Reward employees for being loyal to the company.
  • Have a direct relationship with them. In this way, the company can know the consumer needs and interests that they have and offer them much more personalized benefits.

The implementation of Yudonpay Business is done in a very simple way, integrating the employee database to the Yudonpay login system. In addition, it is a very intuitive application , it allows employees to know all the benefits or services that your company puts at their disposal and to enjoy them in 2 clicks.